Bodegues Macià Batle

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Bodegues Macià Batle


“Since 1856, at Bodegues Macià Batle we have been striving for excellence in the production of our wines from meticulously selected Mallorcan vines”. This is what this company, which has won more than 375 national and international awards throughout its history, says.

Ramon Servalls Batle, the only direct descendant of the founder who is still with the winery, explains that its origins date back to 1856, in Biniali. Descendants of Macià Batle built the new winery in Santa Maria del Camí in 1997, equipping it with the best resources for making quality wines and began to plant new vines. Nowadays it directly exploits more than 200 cuarteradas of vineyards, spread over different parts of Mallorca. In 2003 the winery was acquired by the businessman Sebastià Rubí Roca, who expanded it in 2005.

In short, Macià Batle’s activity is based on the exploitation of the vineyards and wine production. The winemaking processes are supervised by expert winegrowers and oenologists to obtain modern wines with body, aroma and excellent flavour.

On the premises there is a shop area for the sale of their wines and for wine tastings. There are also guided tours of the cellars and an art collection.

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