Bodegas Suau

Historic Heritage

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Bodegas Suau


Bodegas Suau is currently a boutique wine lodge that was founded in 1851 by Captain Joan Suau i Bennassar. Interestingly, when it was founded in Cuba a few years earlier, in 1840 to be more specific, they were suppliers of Pancho Villa. Traditional producers of brandy, rum and Premium gin, their production is limited and they offer their products to more than twenty countries.

Today, the Suau family no longer runs the company after passing it on to the Barceló family, who joined the winery in 1989. Today, the business is run by the third generation in collaboration with the Mora family.

The building where the winery is located is around 250 years old. It is catalogued and protected by ARCA and has a 40 m high chimney or tower, believed to be the tallest in Mallorca.

The shop has access to a museum with key pieces representing the history of the production of alcoholic beverages, such as stills, tanks, machinery, old bottles and discontinued products.


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