Botiga i pinsos Can Franco


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Botiga i pinsos Can Franco


The Botiga i Pinsos Ca’n Franco is one of the most popular shops in Santa Maria del Camí. It owes its name to the phenomenon of the migration to France of its founders, the married couple formed by Francisco Dols and Joana Dols.

Marga Morro Capó, the fourth generation of this family business, is now in charge. Her great-grandparents promoted the construction of the building in 1905. They had to emigrate to France and, on their return to Mallorca, they decided to name the new building after the neighbouring country’s currency. In its beginnings, Ca’n Franco was a bakery and a shop; in fact, the bakery was opened around 1912. In the past, animal feed was also sold here, an activity that has recently been taken up again.

The building is striking for its structure and rounded shape, at some distance from the village. Marga Morro recalls that her great-grandfather wanted to see Santa Maria from the house, which took about three years to build and is now protected from urban planning. As a curiosity, scenes from a TV series have been filmed in the area.

Inside the building, there is still an old scale used for weighing feed. As for the range of products on offer, seasonal, local fruit and vegetables stand out. However, variety is the protagonist. In this line, the friendly, family-style service and the quality of the products are the hallmarks of Ca’n Franco, a truly genuine business.


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