Ca na Jerònia


Ca na Jerònia


Can na Jerònia takes its name from the mother of Francisca Binimelis, the current owner of this shop, where you can find all kinds of clothing and accessories for women together with a personalised service.

In 1949 the owner’s grandfather, who was known as Bernat de Can Molí d’Aigo, together with his wife Rosa, ran a grocery shop that they had inherited from a relative, a story that goes back more than a hundred years.

Jerònia’s father decided to set up a small space in the same shop for his daughter where they could sell perfumes in bulk, taking advantage of the fact that some relatives in Palma owned a perfume shop. Francisca recounts that her mother Jerònia still remembers the aroma and smells of the grocery shop run by her parents.

Little by little, Jerònia expanded the sale of perfumes, while at the same time setting up a haberdashery and selling items of clothing. Around 1969, the establishment was renovated and the grocery shop disappeared in order to establish the current business, in which they offer classic fashion for women.

In 1978, when Francisca was sixteen years old, she started working with her mother. During this time the shop has adapted to the changing times and customer demand to become the shop we know today. She is very grateful to her “long-standing” customers, who rely on her advice when it comes to buying a garment.


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