Ca n’Àgueda Fruites i Verdures


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Ca n’Àgueda Fruites i Verdures


The Ca n’Àgueda grocery shop, located in Plaça de Andreu Torrens in Santa Maria, is one of those small traditional businesses with character and personality.

It was founded in 1966 by Magdalena Creus Dols. For various reasons, it was closed for a few years and reopened in 2014. At the helm is her daughter, Àgueda Dols Creus, who demonstrates experience and know-how.

Magdalena was an enterprising woman who started with a small shop selling basic necessities. As the years went by, resulting from the great demand from customers, the business expanded both its capacity and the range of products on offer. From fruit, vegetables and basic foodstuffs to frozen meat and fish products, drugstore items and haberdashery, it was possible to find a wide range of products. In addition, due to the proximity between the shop and the Escola Graduada, a wide variety of school supplies were sold. As an anecdote, for many years, Magdalena’s sandwiches became famous among the students of the Graduada School.

Nowadays, we can find seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh produce, some of which is home-grown (oranges, lemons, plums, apricots, pomegranates, olives, almonds, figs…), although the vast majority are purchased from the Mallorcan peasantry, thus contributing to the survival of the countryside. It is not in vain that Ca n’Àgueda is firmly committed to zero kilometre. Other items that can be purchased in the shop include cold meats, frozen products, preserves, local wines… In addition, one of its characteristics is the bulk sale of pulses, olives, dried fruits and nuts… This is just a small selection of the products on offer.

Initially, the shop was called “Colmado Creus”, until the end of its first stage, in 1993. Since the reopening it has been known as “Ca n’Àgueda Fruites i Verdures”. Today, a coffee grinding machine, a weighing machine, the shutter and the original sales counter, dating from the 1960s and 1970s, are still preserved inside.

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