Cafès Llofriu

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Cafès Llofriu


Cafès Llofriu has been engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of coffee (in packets) since 1866. The coffee grower who presides over the Llofriu’s counter continues to be the icon of a store that has always been dedicated to selling coffee.

The first business opened by the Llofriu family on Carrer Guixers was a grocery store, which had a manual coffee bean roaster. From there, the owner used his bicycle to supply several bars in Palma.

In 1955, the business, which by that time was a public limited company, moved to Carrer Josep Tous i Ferrer and specialised in marketing coffee and chocolate.

In 2001, it was bought by Café Rico – Grupo Fontanet. In August 2019, the new owners moved the store inside the Mercat de l’Olivar, where it now occupies a stall that simultaneously manages to transmit modernity and the ambience of an independent shop specialising in coffee, tea and other infusions.