Calçats Neus Palou

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Calçats Neus Palou


In 1930, the Palou brothers left their hometown of Alaró to set up a shoe workshop in Carrer Joan Mestre. Seventeen years later, in 1947, they opened their own shop, Calzados Palou, which from the outset specialised in men’s footwear. In the 1980s, due to the gradual closure of the factories in Mallorca, they began to sell shoes mainly from the Elche area.

At the beginning, they manufactured the shoes themselves, but later they bought them from different factories in Mallorca, such as Inca, Lloseta, Alaró, among others.

Maria Neus, Felip Palou’s daughter, took over the business in 1972, together with her husband Miquel Riera. In 1988, the family changed the name of the shop to better associate it with its owner, and it was renamed Calçats Neus Palou. Miquel Riera and his son, Felip Riera Palou, the current owner of the business, and second and third generation of the family respectively, recount how today it is the only establishment dedicated exclusively to men’s footwear, a product offered in all sizes and types (trainers, dress shoes, abarcas, etc.), always made in Spain.

From the outside of the shop you can see the shop sign with its red lettering. It also has an antique sign advertising the fact that they stock large shoe sizes. The interior is simple and functional, with various wooden shelves where the shoes are displayed, mirrors and a bench, as well as a counter from which to serve customers.

The shop has been repeatedly refurbished to adapt it to the tastes of consumers. In addition, over the last two years a great effort has been made to improve the shop’s online presence (website, social networks) to reach new generations of customers.