Calzados Estarellas

Historic Heritage

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Calzados Estarellas


The oldest shoe shop in Palma dates back to 1916, when Miquel Estarellas and Margarita Perelló first opened the doors on Carrer Colom. They also had their own workshop on Carrer Calatrava. The shop is currently run by Xisco Estarellas, the third generation of the family.

The business sells seasonal footwear from its premises, which still have the appearance of a 1970s shop, both inside and outside. The façade features large wooden, glass and marble shop windows, and inside, a large circular bench in the centre of the shop gives it a distinctive air.

Since it first opened, the business has witnessed history in the making, from the post-war period when it sold “national type” shoes to working men to the tourist boom when the visitors literally emptied the shelves, consolidating the shop’s reputation and success.

Xisco also remembers how the market traders from the Plaça Major would pay for their shoes in instalments, while the lame could buy a single shoe for half the price of a pair.

Today, the business maintains its reputation for providing a personal service to its customers and offering quality footwear made on the island.