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Catalina Manresa was an entrepreneur who understood from a very young age that her place was not in the countryside. Therefore, in 1972, together with her sisters, she entered the business world on the Majorcan coast with her father, who was a farmer but also ran a souvenir shop in Cala d’Or and wanted his daughters to get involved in this world. Their activity is linked to the commercial history of the area. The sisters knew how to understand the needs, tastes and desires of the holidaymakers in the middle of the tourist boom without ever forgetting the local customers. The name of the store comes from the initials of the name of the three sisters, Catalina, Margalida and Lluïsa.

Currently, Tomeu Bennasar, Catalina’s son, is in charge of the business and explains that, since the beginning, Camalú has never stopped growing: they have changed, grown, modernised… Although obviously without losing sight of their traditional values: professionalism, trust, teamwork and, of course, respect for visitors, suppliers and employees alike.

What stands out is their ability to balance transformation with tradition.


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