Campins. Ganivets de Mallorca


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Campins. Ganivets de Mallorca


Joan Campins, the fourth generation of the family, is the last trinxeter or knife-maker in Consell. The family business dates back to 1890, as mentioned in the publication Història dels trinxeters. The business, known as Cas Ferrerico or Cas Trinxeter, is located on the main road of the village and has a big sign at the entrance. On Fridays, his grandfather, also called Joan, used to take the wheelbarrow and go to Palma with all their produce from the last few weeks. There he would sleep outside the city walls, since the gates were closed at nightfall, and he would go to the weekly market. Afterwards, he would continue on to Andratx and other towns until he had sold everything. They also went to all the big fairs in the towns: Sineu, Llucmajor, Santanyí, Felanitx….

Most f the products they sell in the shop and through e-commerce are made in the back room, where they have their workshop, with the original anvil and bellows.

The main products are the knives. They have shepherd’s knives, fisherman’s knives, pork knives, grafting knives, sobrassada knives, and special chef’s and butcher’s knives. The trinxets used for harvesting grapes are also used to cut bread.

Apart from the core business of knife production, they also manufacture and sell all kinds of farm and farmyard tools, such as weeding hoes, axes, small hoes, bidents, palm tree axes, saws, sickles, dibbles, weed whackers, rakes, large hoes, which can be made to order, like the knives. They also make and sell wooden ladders, olive tree chopping boards, rollers and butcher’s cleavers.


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