Can Melero


Around 1920, Can Melero began its activity as a grocer’s shop selling agricultural and livestock products under the guidance of Pedro Juan Miró Forteza, who was its founder. Until the 1990s it was a grocer’s shop, where a wide variety of articles could be found. They also made feed mixtures for poultry, cows, etc., and above all for pigeon competitions. They also participated in livestock fairs and even exported dried apricots internationally.

Years later, the founder’s son, Bartolomé Miró Pomar, took over Can Melero, with the collaboration of his son Pere Joan Miró Campos, husband of Gabriela Nicolau, who currently runs the business with the help of his sons Bartomeu and Miquel.

They have a machine for breaking almonds which dates back to 1936 and which still works correctly today, providing this service to their customers. They also have other equipment related to this nut.

As a noteworthy thing, the Town Council acquired the three silos of Can Melero, which were used to store cereals and pulses, for an artistic intervention with the aim of exhibiting them at strategic points in the village as a cultural attraction.

They have now adapted to the new needs of the market and have incorporated all kinds of articles for the feeding and well-being of pets, complements, marinades, etc., for sale.

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