Cas Montuirer

Historic Heritage

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Cas Montuirer


Mateu Mora was an enterprising man. In addition to the transport company that he created and managed, he acquired Cas Montuirer in 1966 when his parents’ uncles were handing it over due to their old age. When he took over the business, it was his wife who took the reins, together with the employees who were already working in the hardware store.

Today, it is his daughter Margalida Mora who has run the business for more than thirty years and serves the customers by providing them with everything they need, from a simple paintbrush to all kinds of kitchen utensils, hardware and toys. The shop is a charismatic establishment located in one of the main streets of the village, offering a wide range of items.

It is said that the name of the shop probably comes from a shoemaker from Montuïri who used to live on the same corner many years ago, before the building was constructed in 1928.

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