Floristeria i jardineria Ca’n Murtó

Historic Heritage

Floristeria i jardineria Ca’n Murtó


From a very early age, Gori Mora loved the world of soil, planting trees and everything related to it. In the 1950s he founded the Can Murtó florist, garden centre and plant nursery. The name comes from the time when his grandparents lived in the countryside, on a farm surrounded by myrtle trees. He was a well-known person in the sector.

His son Benet, who currently runs the business, also acquired this passion for gardening and nurseries as a child. Thus, in 1979, when he was sixteen years old, he joined the business and started working with his father.

He has a large clientele, both in the shop in Porreres and in the markets of the towns he visits. He sells flowers, pots, seedlings and fruit trees, as well as explaining when and how to plant them. He also offers a flower service for events, designing highly creative centrepieces.


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