Can Pep Xica


Can Pep Xica


Can Pep Xica is a small family business that when it opened, like all roadside shops on the island of Ibiza, offered a few drinks and sold a bit of everything, from farm produce bought from the locals (rice, eggs, flour, oil) to household items. Now, it is a grocery shop and sells butane gas.

Encouraged by his brother-in-law who had returned from Argentina, Toni Tur Ribas opened the shop Can Pep Xica in 1950 in a space in his house.

A few years later, at the age of nineteen, it was his daughter, Maria Tur Marí, who took over the shop, and now it is her daughters, the third generation of the family, who continue to run it, with a familiar and close relationship. Today, although the space containing the shop has been extended, it is still located in the family home.





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