Can Pou


Can Pou is a retail shop located in the centre of the village of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, next to the church.

Margalida, founder of the family business, lived in Can Pou, a house located in a part of the historic centre of the village already designed by the archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, together with Can Llorenç, Can Manyanet and the church.

Every afternoon, she used to meet up with some of the village locals to get some fresh air outside her house and embroider handkerchiefs and other garments. Around 1958, tourists, enchanted by her work, began to buy her handkerchiefs with their exquisite hand embroidery. As a result, in 1961 she opened the family’s first shop, a small kiosk next to the village square, where she sold souvenirs, beach equipment and Canarian embroidered tablecloths made by Margalida herself and which she also gave to the women of the village to embroider.

In 1975, they moved to the current premises, with the same type of activity, except for tablecloth embroidering. You can buy shoes, gifts, toys, perfumes, stationery and get photocopies. In 1987, a photography section was also opened.


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