Can Rapinya

Historic Heritage

Can Rapinya


Can Rapinya is an establishment dedicated to selling footwear. The shop was founded by Nofre Amengual in 1920. His daughter, Jerònia Amengual, later took over the reins of the business, followed in the third generation by Nofre’s grandson, who had the same first name – Nofre Vanrell.

Since 2012, the company has been run by Cati Bonet. It has always been a shop dedicated to footwear, especially traditional shoes made of esparto. The current owner also continues to purchase traditional products that are personalised according to customers’ wishes.

What makes this establishment particularly authentic is its great age, since in 2021 it is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Inside the premises we can find display stands and shelves that are over 60 years old, and the original beams in the ceiling that transport us back to another age. Entering this shop is like taking a journey a hundred years back in time.

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