Casa Salvadoras

Historic Heritage

Casa Salvadoras


Casa Salvadoras opened its doors in 1886, and is one of the oldest shops in Manacor. Currently, Cecilia and Ana Aguiló are in charge of the business, which despite being founded so long ago, has always been in the hands of the same family. In fact, they represent the fourth generation.

In the early years, they sold all kinds of sportswear of the time, fabrics and souvenirs. The owners’ grandfather even manufactured the ping-pong paddles that were used in those days.

Over the years, they began to specialise and nowadays they sell men’s clothing. You can find everything from a classic grandfather’s jacket to other models and special sizes.

The shop is known all over the Llevant region for its articles and the Aguiló sisters say that more than once they have heard a customer say: “Let’s go to Casa Salvadoras, they will save us, they have almost everything! Oh! You’ve saved my life!”

More than thirty years ago, the first refurbishment of the establishment took place. At the beginning, one part of the premises was the shop and the other was the house. Today, the façade, part of the sales counter, the spiral staircase leading to the upper floor and a crystal chandelier of great sentimental value due to its antiquity, have all been preserved.



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