Cuchilleria Amengual


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Cuchilleria Amengual


Cuchillería Amengual opened its doors in 1952 under the ownership of Jaime Amengual Bibiloni. Around 1980, Antonio Lort, father of the current owner, took over the business and in 1986 he handed over the cutlery shop to his son Antonio, who continues to run the establishment to this day. In the beginning, the establishment was located in Carrer de El Sindicat, although in 1986 it moved to Plaça del Progrés, a better location for its clientele at that time.

Antonio says that during the more than 30 years he has been running the business, the machinery has changed a lot, but not the trade itself. Since they opened their doors, they have combined the sale of knives with the sharpening of all kinds of tools. In the past, they only used to sell scissors and knives, but now they repair cutting tools such as meat mincing plates, printing blades, chainsaws and surgical tools. He also adds that his material is “for life”.

Antonio places great attention to detail, care and effort into all his work, which is why his customers are not only locals but also professionals from the butchery, catering and hotel and catering sectors who come to sharpen their tools.