Ferreteria Campins


Ferreteria Campins


Ferreteria Campins opened its doors in 1931, when Sebastià Campins decided to move to Sa Pobla from his hometown Consell. Sebastià, who was a cutler, ran the Hermanos Campins establishment together with his five brothers. It was around 1950 when his son Joan Campins Pol took over the business, adding new items to the hardware store, such as household goods and accessories.

Sebastià Campins, the founder’s grandson, has been running the hardware store since 1976, when he was just 16 years old and decided to leave school to take over the family business. He recalls that during the peak days there were five more employees.

In 1990, his wife Catalina Vidal joined the business, and they both jointly run it today. They are dedicated to general installations and the sale of hardware and electrical appliances. Sebastià believes that he will have no successor in the family, as his children have finished their studies and have developed their professional lives in other directions.

The exterior of the establishment preserves the architectural and characteristic value of the area. Inside the hardware store there are still details of the past.

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