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Ferreteria Riveiro


Rolando Riveiro founded a hardware shop in Maó, which began its activity in 1968 in Sant Manuel Street. Shortly afterwards, the establishment moved to the Es General coast and finally found a better location in Santa Victòria Street, where it remains today.

During the early years, the main activity was the supply of iron and steel to the costume jewellery industry, as well as the manufacture of small precision parts for this same sector. When costume jewellery lost its strength on the island of Menorca, the type of clientele also changed.

Today the business is run by Rolando Riveiro Perelló, the founder’s son, who has continued with the company. He has managed to preserve the spirit of service of this traditional business, and to adapt the products and materials to the new demands and needs of customers from different sectors, such as nautical, construction, DIY, industry, etc.

Ferreteria Riveiro is an establishment of reference for the entire population of Maó. It has survived the effects of globalisation and large supermarkets. It is distinguished by its personal treatment and the individualised attention it offers. It provides solutions for its customers, the result of many years of experience. Tools and parts of all materials, models and sizes in the hardware sector can be found in the shop.

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