Forn Ca’n Alba

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Forn Ca’n Alba


Juan Francisco Alba Llaneras opened the Can Alba bakery in 1931 and gave it the family surname. The current owner, Joan Alba, has been running the bakery since 1996, when his father, Nofre Alba, retired. He is now the third generation of the family to run the business.

When Joan took over, the bakery only sold bread, and he decided to expand this offer with empanadas (panades), of which there are a dozen types, rubiols, cocas de tallades, cocarrois, etc. In the old days, people came from other towns to get bread, especially many shoemakers who were from abroad but worked in Inca.

The bakery had a wood-fired oven, which Joan tried to maintain when he took over the business, although it was impossible because its upkeep was very expensive and he was unable to do so with the products he sold.

The future of the bakery is not clear, since Joan’s daughters are not interested in it at the moment, but, as he says, it is a pity to lose this family tradition.


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