Forn Can Leu


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Forn Can Leu


Forn de Can Leu was opened in 1932 by Miquel Servera Mestre. When Miquel did his compulsory military service, he was assigned to the quartermaster’s office and, more specifically, he was assigned to the bakery. When he finished his military service, he started working as a baker and, shortly afterwards, he opened the oven. He named it Can Leu, as he was known by his nickname in the village.

Joan Servera Morey, the third generation of the family, currently runs the business. Today we can say that it is the oldest bakery in Artà, and that it is also very popular because, thanks to its experience and good work, it has made a name for itself in the local sector.

They are members of the “Pan de aquí, horno y tradición” (Bread from here, oven and tradition) brand, which distinguishes the establishments with a bakery that make the different types of bread from the Balearic Islands. Their specialities include “pan de payés”, “ensaimadas“, bread for making “sopes” and “barrots“, as well as Mallorcan pastries.

It is a small establishment with a traditional family atmosphere that still has the original doors and windows. As for the furniture, which comes from the first generation of bakers, the table where the ensaimadas are made and the cupboard where they are ready to be sold have been preserved. Also, the table where the bread is sold and the scales.


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