Forn Can Munar

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Forn Can Munar


The Ca’n Munar oven is known throughout the municipality because it is one of the establishments where the most typical sweets of Manacor are made on a daily basis, the suspiros, a kind of elongated sweet biscuit made with sugar, eggs and flour. Ca’n Munar suspiros are on sale in establishments throughout Mallorca.

Opened in 1958, Ca’n Munar is still in the hands of the same Munar family. At present, the brother and sister, Bàrbara and Jaume, grandsons of the founder, are responsible for making the bread and other typical Manacor pastries like bitter coconut, senyorets (crespells), curly biscuits or shortbreads.

They also make ensaimadas (flaky buns), potato cakes, panades (meat pies) and other traditional products.

Ca’n Munar is well-known for its innovation and introduction of new products like espinagada (vegetable and eel pasty), roscón de Reyes (King cake), polvorones (Christmas cookies) or coca de San Joan (St. John’s cake). For some years now, they have been working with a local organic flour producer and have introduced two old Majorcan varieties of whole wheat candeal bread (blat xeixa) and white blat mort bread.




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