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Forn Can Paco


At the beginning of 1969 Paco and Encarna arrived in Sa Pobla after working in different ovens all over the island. On 15th January they opened a small business which was to be the seed of the present company.

At that time, when tourism was booming, they wisely decided to dedicate the maximum daily production of the bakery to the tourist area. They moved the oven to new premises in Carrer de l’Escola, where they had already been located from the beginning. They created a company that was modern for its time and had the latest technology to produce the amount of bread demanded by customers in the tourist area.

At the beginning of 2000, Paco retired and passed the baton to his third son and current manager, José Luis Jaume. He has worked in the family bakery all his life, first as an assistant and apprentice to his father, and then managing the business. In order to run the company, José Luis has taken several courses in both baking and pastry making, to the point that he is now in the process of obtaining his master craftsman’s certificate.

With the support of his wife, he has changed his production strategy and has opted to promote the traditional oven and move away from production aimed at tourism. This has led José Luis to be a finalist in the Sa Llesca d’Or competition (2020-2021 edition) and he has been awarded the Estrella Dir Informática, an equivalent to the Michelin Star for chefs.

In addition to the traditional bread, ensaimadas and croissants, the products they make include seasonal products, such as the “S” for first communions, the rosaries for All Saints’ Day, the Easter roulade and panades, and of course, the espinagades (Majorcan pies filled with vegetable sand meat or fish), and the cocas of Sant Antoni, a festivity that is very much celebrated in Sa Pobla.

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