Forn Ca’n Tofolet


Forn Ca’n Tofolet


Forn Ca’n Tofolet was founded in 1919 and has always been located at Carrer de Sant Joan, 16. It has been producing artisan bread and sweets for more than a hundred years. Nowadays, it is known for being the only pioneer in the production of the carob ensaimada, an innovation in Majorcan confectionery.

The bakery has passed from one generation of the family to the next, and is now run by the brothers Joan and Damià Noguera, who continue to make their products in a traditional and simple way. They specialise in making bread and bakery products in general. They are known for their opening hours, since if you want hot bread you can go from 10.00 am to 11.00 am and, if you want pies, from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm.

In 1995, the bakery was renovated, but some elements of the original premises have been preserved, such as the marble counter, with a hole to put coins in, and some shelves. Nowadays, they no longer use the wood-fired oven, but they still use the weights and the old scales to measure the dough portions with absolute skill and precision.

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