Forn Can Torres

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Forn Can Torres


Founded in 1885, Can Torres is a bakery and pastry shop specialising in traditional Majorcan bread and pastries located in Moll de Alcúdia street.

In 1988, the fourth generation of the Torres dynasty decided to build a larger oven, as the one they had was too small. For five generations they have continued the family tradition and have dedicated themselves, body and soul, to the production of homemade bread and pastries, currently with the help of external professionals.

Today the business is run by Maria Antònia and Magdalena Torres, who proudly tell the story of their grandparents and great-grandparents. They remember how they told them how they used to bring bread to the ships of the English squadron, first with a cart to the Port and then with boats. They also relate that during the post-war period they had a notebook to write down and ration the flour they used, as its use was limited.

As a traditional Balearic bakery, they are part of the brand “Pan de aquí, horno y tradición” (Bread from here, oven, and tradition), which distinguishes the establishments with a bakery that make the different types of bread from the Balearic Islands.

Currently, in the bakery in Eclipsi street, they make the products that they later take to their point of sale in the centre of the village, as well as distributing them to hotels, supermarkets, and bars in the area. They also have a small shop and cafeteria.


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