Forn de Can Bernat

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Forn de Can Bernat


The Forn de Can Bernat was founded by Biel Cantallops in Sant Jordi in 1951. In 1979, the baker’s shop was set up in the municipality of Algaida by his son, Bernat Cantallops, from whom it took its present name.

Felip Fiol is currently at the head of the establishment, having taken over the reins from the Cantallops family, in whose bakery he had worked from the age of 13 onwards, so that he already felt like one of the family.

The establishment’s main specialities are all varieties of ensaimadas, together with lenguas de nata (cream-filled sponge fingers), whipped cream and traditional cakes such as the tarta Reina for the celebration of weddings and birthdays. All its products are made according to traditional methods from the shop’s original recipes, together with some that have been added since by Felip himself. The shop is a member of the quality label Pa d’aquí, forn i tradició, which identifies establishments with a baker’s oven where the different varieties of traditional bread from the Balearic Islands are made by hand.


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