Forn Can Monserrat

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Forn Can Monserrat


Monserrat Juan Binimelis, grandfather of the current owner Margalida Juan, came from the Fornarets family, as his parents owned the Sa Plaça bakery in Manacor. When he married Margalida Jordà Calafell, they sold two properties she owned in Palma and had the idea of opening what is still today Forn Can Monserrat.

They moved to Porto Cristo in the sixties and in 1967 they opened the business which became the first bakery in the town centre. From the very beginning, their children, Joan Francesc and Francisca, also joined them. Later on, the founders bought the neighbour’s premises in order to be able to expand, as Porto Cristo had also done. Then their son Joan Francesc inherited the business and reformed it.

Margalida Juan Servera, Joan Francesc’s daughter, started working in the bakery when she was very young. Interestingly enough, she remembers that her grandfather used to go and deliver the bread with a Mobylette and a basket that he put on his head and which stayed there “miraculously”.

After her father retired, Margalida became the owner and, although they have modernised, they still make products using the recipes of her great-grandmothers. The bakery produces traditional Majorcan products, and they are renowned for their ensaimadas or senyorets, bread and savoury pastries such as empanadas, etc.


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