Forn de sa Plaça

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Forn de sa Plaça


Although the exact year is not known, it is believed that the Forn de Sa Plaça began its activity around 1850. Miquel Company was the first known owner of this bakery and inherited the business from his niece Maria and Jaume Gelabert. Jaume started as an apprentice in the bakery when he was eighteen years old and bought it more than fifty years ago, in the sixties.

Xisco Gelabert, Jaume and Maria’s son, is the current owner and started working with his father at the age of fourteen, in 1980. Nowadays, his daughter Maria Gelabert, the fourth generation of the family, has joined the bakery and continues the family tradition.

El Forn de Sa Plaça is specialised in Majorcan, brown and white bread, so it is sold under the brand “Pa d’aquí, forn y tradició”. They also make empanadas, cocarrois, rubiols and seasonal products, such as lamb pies, tallades and apricot cocas.

Interestingly enough, the workshop preserves some pieces of old machinery, such as a soup-making machine and others. Some of the machines have been updated, but they are the same as the old ones.



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