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Forn del Santo Cristo


The Forn del Santo Cristo, which is over a hundred years old, is a renowned bakery in Palma. Although its first establishment was in Carrer de Els Paraires, it currently has a number of establishments in several popular places in Palma, such as Carrer de Sant Miquel and Plaça de El Marquès del Palmer.

Legend has it that, some time ago, a batch was burnt in the Calle de Els Paraires. The angry baker threw a crucifix in the air and blasphemed: “Holy Christ!”. From that moment on, the establishment was baptised.

The oven was founded by the Coll family in 1910 and was run by sisters Antònia and Joana Coll for more than half a century. After decades of dedicating itself to the bakery and pastry-making trade, it became one of the best-known establishments in the city, where it stands out for its production and sale of pastries and typical Mallorcan products. In 1960, the oven passed into the hands of brothers Àngel and Pedro Calleja, who greatly improved the business with the personalised delivery of ensaimadas to hotels.

Maria Mas has been running the business since 2010 and remains faithful to its origins, preserving the roots, recipes and traditional methods of this establishment. In recent years, the Forn del Santo Cristo has taken a new direction with the sale of confectionery products online, especially ensaimadas, which have made them famous both on and off the island.

The façade features the establishment’s sign, with a green background and brown lettering, which is also present in the other premises, being one of the business’s distinctive features. The interior of the shop has been modernised with a variety of decorative elements and a number of counters and shelves displaying the wide range of products available.