Forn Fondo


Forn Fondo


The book La ciudad de Mallorca (The City of Mallorca), by Diego Zaforteza, records a reference from 1740 to the burial of a shoemaker who lived near the Forn Fondo, a fact that implies its existence in that year, or even earlier, making it one of the oldest bakeries in Palma.

The current building was built in 1911, the year in which the Llull family acquired the premises next door and Jaume Llull Gelabert and Francisca Cañellas Pons opened the bakery’s doors. The establishment still retains the oven, the counter and the façade from this period. The façade, with a modernist-style marquee with floral figures in blue tones and gold lettering, accentuates the building’s corner with a street lamp and modernist signage.

The business is currently run by the fourth generation of the Llull family, siblings Pau and Neus, who maintain the traditional recipes of their great-great-grandparents and respect the local customs for making the typical sweets. To the bread and ensaimadas, the only products made at the first bakery, and the quartos embetumats, which arrived in the 1940s with the introduction of refrigerators, they have added bonbons, cakes and turrones, the latter with fifteen different varieties of chocolate.

This bakery has opted for modernisation and innovation, without losing its roots and tradition, and has become a business reference point with local, national and international influence, as it is also frequented by many visitors who take the island’s typical sweets back to their homes, especially the authentic Mallorcan ensaimada, the bakery’s star product.