Forn i botiga Can Rabassó

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Forn i botiga Can Rabassó


In1949, on the ground floor of an old house in Pollença, Gabriel Torrandell decided to open a small bakery where the closest neighbours could bake the products they made at home.

Gabriel decided to give the business his family name: Can Rabassó. Josep Torrandell, his son, expanded and turned the business into a bakery and a small grocery shop.

Josep’s son, also called Gabriel, decided to continue the family’s baking tradition and learned the profession with his parents. They make quesadillas (formatjades), a typical pastry of the village, as well as panadas and cocarrois. Gabriel emphasises the autonomy and freedom that having his own business gives him. He currently helps his sister, Joana Torrandell, who is the new owner of the business.

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