Ingrained Heritage

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Located right next to El Mercat de l’Olivar, Gomex was opened in 1954 by the brothers Felip and Amador Arague Suau, and is currently run by Francisca Mesana, Amador’s widow.

Francisca recounts that, during the post-war period, the two brothers went to Argentina, where they already had relatives, along with their parents. There, the family ran a shoe factory and enjoyed success in production and export. Even so, they wanted to return to Mallorca, so when the situation in Spain stabilised, they returned to the island to work in their own shop.

At that time there were no trade fairs, so they had to go all the way to Barcelona to visit suppliers and return with materials. In the early days, they sold everything from toys and gloves to rubbish bins.

Now, however, they specialise in tablecloths and carpets. They are also well known for the fabrics they sell, especially the Mallorcan ‘roba de llengües’. More than sixty years later, the dream that Felip and Amador started is still alive.

This establishment maintains the unique and characteristic appearance of the old shops. Inside, there are two large sales counters as well as a set of wooden storage drawers that are almost perfectly preserved. There is a wide variety of fabrics, curtains and carpets displayed on the shelves and tables.