Herboristería María Antonia Bergas


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Herboristería María Antonia Bergas


Botanist Maria Antònia Bergas founded this establishment in 1890, which is exclusively dedicated to the sale of herbs.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Bergas herbalist’s shop had no successor within the family and the business was sold to the couple Pedro Rodríguez and Mercedes Peinado.

In 2017 the shop moved from Carrer de la Llotgeta to Carrer de El Sindicat, making it much more visible to passers-by, while giving it a much more modern image. They moved to number 50 of the same street, their current location, in 2020. The shop sells ecological products, biopharmaceuticals, natural products, and more.

Many people appreciate the confidence and professionalism of its management, which continues to ensure the improvement of the lifestyle of its users with the natural and traditional remedies on offer in the herbalist’s shop. Some of Bergas’ original formulas, such as a remedy for kidney stones, are still in great demand by the shop’s clientele.