Hija de Veny


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Hija de Veny


The history of this establishment begins in 1932 when the grandparents of Margarita Bauzá, the present owner, opened the business. At that time. they were already selling fabrics, but also household items such as oils, oil for lamps, bulk sacks of flour, sugars, etc. Due to the impact of the Civil War that took place a few years later, the people of the village had little money, and, for this reason, they mostly sold their products by barter.

In the 1970s, the second generation reinterpreted the idea of the business. They refurbished the premises, stopped selling household goods and started to create their own clothes. They handcrafted all the equipment for the island’s football clubs – except for RCD Mallorca – such as shorts, shirts, etc. Thanks to this fact, the shop became known all over the island and achieved the prestige and renown that it still has today.

Nowadays, managed by the third generation, it has adapted to the current needs of customers and, although they are no longer dedicated to clothing, we can find all kinds of sports and casual clothing, footwear, as well as other sports and fashion accessories, always from leading brands and with a customer service characteristic of local and proximity commerce.

The owner’s daughter helps her mother whenever she can, but it is not yet clear whether she will continue with the business when her mother retires.


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