La Ceres

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La Ceres


Open since 1898, La Ceres is one of the oldest bakeries in Maó. Its particular location, within the city walls and with a view of the side door of the church of Santa Maria, makes this traditional shop a unique place for the sale of artisan bread.

La Ceres has been a family business dedicated to the production of bread and cakes using top quality materials in an artisanal fashion. Today, the products are still made with the help of very old but well-maintained machinery. Apart from the wide variety of breads it produces, the shop stands out for the production of a unique type of crackers, similar to Inca biscuits.

The family business, initially run by Antonio Ferrer Mercadal, then by José Ferrer and finally by Carlos Ferrer Orfila, has been handed over to Damià Pons Ortega, a fourth generation from outside the family. Damià maintains the same spirit as always, making bread in an artisanal way and maintaining the original aesthetics and working methods.

The façade, which maintains the characteristic colours of the English style that characterises Maó, is particularly noteworthy, with a channel letter sign.



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