La Filadora


La Filadora


It was in 1918 when Josep Puncernau decided to open a shop specialising in fabrics, uniforms and flags in Carrer de Sant Miquel. Years later, the Busquets Soler family took over the business and later moved the shop to Carrer de Vilanova. Since 2015, the business has been owned by Victoria Sánchez, a former employee of La Filadora. Its current location is in Calle Foners, very close to the centre and easily accessible by car.

They maintain their principles of working with quality products and nationally sourced materials. Providing customers with special attention and advice is the main basis of La Filadora.

Today, as always, the company is dedicated to the sale of all types of fabrics and textiles; it has once again incorporated tailoring, carnival and fantasy costumes, household textiles, flags and other services such as upholstery, decoration or cut foam, and has maintained the offer of traditional products such as Mallorcan llengües fabric and ball de bot pieces, in order to promote local products.

As a special line of business, they make costumes for the Holy Week processions of almost all the religious orders on the island, with accessories such as banners.

The typeface of the sign and the shop’s logo, which shows the image of a woman sewing, have remained virtually unchanged since the shop was first opened. Much of the wooden furniture has also been preserved from the original premises. Indeed, the large table in the centre of the room is probably over a hundred years old.