La Pajarita Bomboneria

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La Pajarita Bomboneria


La Pajarita, originally called Es Cavallet de Paper, has infused Carrer de Les Minyones with the characteristic aroma of chocolate for many years. It is an establishment that has been run by the same branch of the Mulet family for six generations and has managed to preserve its identity for 150 years. They later moved to Carrer de Sant Nicolau, where they are still located to this day.

In 1972, José Lorenzo, the elder brother of the fifth generation of the Mulet family, decided to divide the grocery business he ran, separating sweet products from savoury products. He rented the premises next door and this decision led to the creation of La Pajarita Bombonería, today run by Maria Isabel Amer, the wife of one of the brothers.

It continues to be a point of reference for the sale of quality handmade sweets in the centre of Palma. They make chocolates, confectionery and other traditional products depending on the season: nougat, Easter cakes, panellets, All Saints’ Day rosaries, etc.

The furniture, luminaires and, of course, its products have attracted such well-known personalities, as well as a large clientele. The shop retains the same style as the next door shop, La Pajarita Charcutería. The sign is placed under the overhanging roof, with cream-coloured lettering. On the façade, there is a reproduction in sheet format of a painting on wood by Pau Fornés. Inside, there is a counter and furniture typical of the 60s and 70s, with many lacquered shelves in ecru and gold, as well as glass lights.