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Llibreria Sa Catòlica


Founded in 1943 by Father Enrique Cardona, it was initially dedicated to specialising in Catholic books, Christian thought, etc. In the 1980s, Catalina Serra Tur was its manager. Later, Carme Lloret and Santiago Llompart, from the Llibreria Catalana, joined forces to manage it.

In 1986 it suffered a fire, which did not prevent this emblematic bookshop from closing for good. Three important cultural figures in Menorca, Josep Miquel Vidal, Miquel Vanrell and Miquel Àngel Limón, contacted Dr. Fernando Rubió y Tudurí and suggested the possibility of saving the business, so that it would not change its commercial nature. Consequently, the Rubió y Tudurí Foundation managed the bookshop until 2017 under the supervision of Miquel Àngel Limón, as delegated manager.

Susana Quiñonero worked in the bookshop, which facilitated the handover. She now runs the business under the name of Llibreria sa Catòlica.

The bookshop maintains the spirit and cultural values rooted in this establishment, but at the same time has introduced the necessary changes to adapt the shop to the world of new technologies. In this sense, to meet the new consumer habits of the clientele, Susana has launched online sales, has created a website and has a presence on social networks.

The bookshop is a reference point for Menorcan culture. All publications by Menorcan authors can be found there, as well as others with works published on Menorcan themes in different languages. Throughout the year, the shop also organises public book presentations on the first floor of the shop.

Nowadays, the bookshop continues to be a reference point in the city of Maó and its shop windows are always updated with the latest novelties published. It is worth mentioning that the bookshop has kept the furniture with the bookshelves and the wooden ladders used to access the highest shelves.


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