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Merceria Ca na Tonda


The beginnings of Merceria Ca na Tonda go back to 1940 when Magdalena Antich, a tailor by profession, founded the haberdashery which has been open for more than 80 years. Magdalena was an enterprising woman who was widowed at the age of thirty with a five-year old child and had to make a living in the difficult times of the post-war period. Her only son Jaume Andreu left school at the age of thirteen to help his mother in the shop. Not only did she attend to the customers, but she also travelled to Barcelona twice a year to buy goods and supply the haberdashery. At the beginning they sold haberdashery, colognes, perfumes and toys.

In 1960 they bought the current premises and renovated them to enlarge the establishment. From 1965 Jaume and his wife Maria Nicolau took over the business. The couple extended the family and years later their second son, Gori Andreu, took over and continued running the haberdashery. From then on, his father played a secondary role, helping him with his experience, his advice and helping with the company’s accounts.

Today, Gori is the current owner of the business, representing the third generation of the Andreu family at the helm. In 2022, the interior of the shop was renovated, but always trying to maintain the essence that characterises it, preserving the old counter. It is currently dedicated to the sale of underwear, lingerie, threads, buttons,… It must be said that it is one of the few haberdasheries on the island where they still line the buttons by hand and they have a large selection.

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