Mobles Allés


Mobles Allés


Mobles Allés is a company that produces and sells furniture located in Ferreries. The story begins in 1920, when Miguel Allés opened his first workshop at Carrer de Dalt, 17, as a family business of carpentry and furniture. The good work and the great reception of the product made the business grow, incorporating more workers and moving many times, until the current location of the workshop in Fred street.

In 1946, the founder’s sons, Bartomeu, José María and Fernando Allés Pons, joined the company. With their youth and new visions of the future, production and commercial activity grew. The brand policy, good workmanship and design that characterise Mobles Allés led to the opening of a showroom in Ferreries in 1967.

Over time, the third generation, including the sons of the three brothers Bartomeu, José María and Fernando, has taken over the business and has assumed responsibilities in different areas of production, finishes and sales. The biggest investment so far has been the shop’s move to a new building located on the main road, with an area of approximately 3,500 m2.

The design department has made the most progress thanks to the help of computer systems. In fact, Mobles Allés is a pioneer in Menorca in the use of computer design applied to the furniture sector. It manufactures and sells a wide variety of different products: from the elaborate Menorcan style, to modern functional furniture, rustic furniture, kitchens, as well as decorative products and accessories.






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