Modas Janine


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Modas Janine


In the early 70’s, Joana Palmer decided to open Modas Janine in the shopping centre El Pueblo de Cala d’Or to meet the needs of seamstresses in the area, since it was then a very important sector in the municipality. It was the first store in Cala d’Or where clothes were sold.

It is a very characteristic, charismatic and popular establishment, with a wide variety of products. It is also important to mention that it covers the needs of the whole area of Santanyí in terms of haberdashery, underwear and house linen, as well as being known for its quality and customer service.

According to Joana’s son and husband of the current owner, Sebastiana Vidal, the name of the establishment refers to Joana’s name in French, because his mother thought it would attract more attention to tourists at the time, although it is also known in the area as Casa Juanita.

The business has changed a lot since it first opened, but they still want to emphasize what the sewing years represented for the municipality, which gave a lot of visibility and a great value to the trade of Cala d’Or and Modas Janine. In fact, this business satisfied all the needs of the seamstresses, with whom they have always had a close relationship.


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