Novedades Meli


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Novedades Meli


Novedades Meli is currently a shop dedicated to the sale of wool, haberdashery and handmade products, such as embroidery on towels or bags, among other items. The family business, currently run by the third generation, is known throughout Maó as Ca na Meli and is highly appreciated for its handcrafted products. It is important in the neighbourhood as a friendly local establishment, as some people come here to help them with their work.

The founder of the business, Amelia Orfila Seguí, grandmother of the current owner, launched it in 1950. Subsequently, Catalina Pons Orfila, second generation and aunt of Mercedes Parés, took over the management of the business in 2005.

Although the building where the business is located does not have any protected urbanistic elements, it is worth highlighting the exterior sign with its channel lettering as a unique element. Likewise, it has some elements of the old furniture, such as a shelf behind the tiling, which has undergone some changes over the years; initially it had a showcase, and today it has been replaced by another shelf. Even so, the structure and layout of the shop has remained intact.

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