Nuria Deyà joiera artesana


Nuria Deyà joiera artesana


Núria Deyà began her activity in 2003, obtained the Artisan’s Charter granted by the Government of the Balearic Islands and was then granted the use of the Menorcan Artisan’s Guarantee Mark. In 2008, she moved to new premises where she still is today.

Núria Deyà designs and creates jewellery starting from an initial idea, developing each piece with sketches and tests until they are three-dimensional. She mainly uses precious metals such as silver and gold to make the pieces, as well as semi-precious stones, titanium, niobium or wood, depending on each specific model or collection.

She currently chairs the Association of Menorcan Crafts Companies (Arteme) and, as part of the Menorcan jewellers’ groups “Menorca Contemporània” and “Joia de Menorca”, she has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and cultural centres on the Balearic Islands and the mainland. She has also participated in the biennial Fosquets d’Arts de Ferreries and the Gran Migjornale in recent years, as well as in some group exhibitions in London and Hong Kong. In addition, a small sample of her work was exhibited in Long Beach Island (USA).

After winning awards on several occasions, Núria Deyà won two prizes in the first and second edition of the Island Council’s Menorca Crafts Prize with the works Simbiosi and Reflexes. Recently, her earrings “motlle de pastisset” were among the ten pieces selected for the First European Food Gift Challenge 2020, organised by the IGCAT.


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