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Pastisseria Pomar


Pastisseria Pomar opened its doors in 1902 when Francesc Pomar Aguiló and his wife, Francisca Pomar, set up a bakery in the centre of the village, in Carrer de Plaça, where one of the shops and the main bakery are still located today.

Francesc Pomar learned the trade in Barcelona, where he ran a bakery with a partner. When he returned to Campos, he applied the knowledge he had learned and began to sell bread, ensaimadas, tortells and cakes.

Years later, Francesc’s son, Joan Pomar Pomar, joined the family business, taking over with the help of his wife, Magdalena Mir Cladera, and his mother.

In the 1960s, Francesc Pomar Mir took over the bakery, thus beginning the third generation of Pomaret bakers. Together with his wife, Francisca Oliver Roig, they took over the business and transformed it into one of the best known and most renowned bakeries on the island of Mallorca.

His is when new concepts such as sweet, savoury, chocolate, selected ingredients, recipes, etc. are incorporated into the business, which Francesc learns in courses, studies and trips with the aim of advancing, innovating and recycling. The knowledge he acquires from the best master confectioners in the world is very important. In 1968, he set up a pastry school in Campos for students from all over the island, which he ran for 15 years.

Today, the children and grandchildren of Francesc Pomar and Francisca Oliver, the fourth and fifth generation, run the shops with the same enthusiasm as their predecessors. They have four establishments, three in Campos and one in Palma, as well as an online shop. They are part of the brand “Pa d’Aquí. Forn i Tradició”, which distinguishes the establishments with a bakery that make the different types of bread from the Balearic Islands.

From the Can Pomaret oven of long ago to the Pomar bakeries of today, there are more than 120 years of tradition, passion for the work, vision of the future, desire to teach, innovation and transmission of knowledge.

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