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Rellotgeria Catalana


In 1915, Josep Serra opened his first watchmaker’s shop in Berga, a municipality in Barcelona where he lived at the time. His honeymoon led him falling in love with the island and he promised that, when he had his first child, he would move to live here with his family.

Thus, in 1951, the Catalan watchmaker settled in Palma, where he founded Relojería Catalana in Calle de La Corderia, one of the oldest areas of the city.

In 1972, his son Joan Serra, the current owner, took over the business and continued with the watchmaker’s trade, one of the few remaining in Palma, repairing pieces of different types and shapes. They specialise in antique mechanical clocks, pocket watches and wall clocks. They also sell a wide variety of clocks: analogue, digital, wristwatches, pendulum clocks, cuckoo clocks and more.

In 1990, the shop was completely refurbished, although the classic style was retained. In the sales area you can find different wooden and glass showcases where all the products are displayed. Inside the shop itself, there is also a workshop where the watches and clocks are repaired.