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Sa Llibreria


The beginnings of Sa Llibreria date back to 1960, when Pere Allès and Xec Camps, two good friends, decided to start up a small bookshop called Frape, a portmanteau of the names Francesc and Pere, at Carrer Fred, 14. At that time they only sold religious books, pencils, erasers, notebooks and little else. A little later, they began to sell ballpoint pens, which they had to fill themselves.

Around 1967, Xec Camps started another business and sold his share of the business to Maria and Margarita Febrer, two sisters from Biniatram, who became partners and shop assistants at the same time. It was during this time that they began to sell Nativity scene figurines and wool, since they were both experts in knitting and could provide advice to customers. Maria and Margarita remained behind the counter until their retirement.

In 1971, the business moved to its current location under the name of Sa Llibreria. The range of products on sale was extended to include toys and games, office material, books, newspapers and magazines. Xisca Pons, Pere Allès’ wife, became involved in the business while her husband worked elsewhere.

The new premises has undergone several extensions to meet customers’ demands for a wider variety of products. It remains the only bookshop in Ferreries today, run by his son Pere Allès Pons and his wife Marta Sánchez Colom.


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