Sa Roca Llisa 26

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Sa Roca Llisa 26


Sa Roca Llisa has a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back four generations of potters, when in 1861, Pepe Serra Rigo, of the Can Tiet pottery factory, gave his sons a piece of land so that they could set up their own businesses. This land was popularly known as Sa Roca Llisa, because of the shape of the rock, and it gave its name to the two potteries founded by Toni and Pep, Pepe Serra’s sons. Later, the street where they are located was also named Sa Roca Llisa.

Today, the family tradition is carried on by master craftsman José Serra Amengual, a ceramist and potter, who took over from his father and master, Sebastià Serra.

They now combine quality raw materials, experience and tradition with modern kiln technology to guarantee the excellence and durability of the product.

They make all kinds of household pieces, from pots, greixoneres (casseroles), crockery and decorative objects, to siurells (hand-painted figures), lamps and wall lights, as well as outdoor items like flowerpots, basins, planters, etc. They also manufacture special pieces for restoration.

The current owners have inherited from their ancestors’ values, traditions and a taste for a job well done, as well as their surname. This passion has ensured that a humble trade has survived to become a way of life and a source of pride for future generations.


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