Sombrerería Bonet


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Sombrerería Bonet


Located in the Marina district of Eivissa, the historic Sombrerería Bonet dates to 1916. Joan Bonet, grandfather of the present owner, started working as an assistant in the hat shop when he returned from Argentina after working as a salesman travelling around the country.

Soon after, when the former owner retired, Joan bought the business from him with the money he had earned. Together with his wife Maria Bonet Ferrer, they ran the shop and often travelled to the mainland to buy fabrics, accessories and hats, among other items. In the same shop, Maria made hats and headdresses for her customers, while Joan ironed and adapted the hats they bought, for example for priests, soldiers, fishermen, etc.

Over time, Sombrerería Bonet grew and became better known. When Joan Bonet died, his son Joan left his job as a teacher to work as a milliner.

In the 1990s, his daughter Virginia Bonet joined the business and decided to renovate the entire building, but preserving the original cabinets and machinery, thus respecting the same decoration that the establishment had in 1916. With Virginia, the millinery began a new phase. Her involvement led her to travel and visit hat factories in different parts of the world.

According to the current owner, the business has managed to stay in the family for more than a hundred years, with joy and a lot of effort. One of the facts that she values most is the clientele that nowadays come to the shop with hats of the time bought in this same shop and with good memories of that time.

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