Teixits Cardona

Historic Heritage

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Teixits Cardona


Tejidos Cardona has focused on the sale of fabrics and clothing since 1926.

During the first years, Josep Cardona imported Catalan fabrics into Ibiza through family contacts. He supplied the rural area of Santa Eulària, door to door, with a donkey and cart. In addition to serving the inhabitants of Ibiza, with the arrival of the first tourists and foreign residents, the activity increased and they offered their sewing services to almost all the houses of these first visitors.

The current manager inherited the business from his father-in-law. Despite being 82 years old, Salvadora Ferrer continues to run the store together with his son, Fernando Cardona, third generation of Tejidos Cardona.

The building where the business is located dates back to 1890, and is listed as a heritage place by the Santa Eulària Council. It is a simple Ibizan construction that maintains the hydraulic pavement. The place also preserves the original furniture, as well as wooden shelves and counters.

For decades it has been well known for its activity in the sale of textiles and repair of clothing. At present, it is still a meeting point for the town’s residents and those who have a second residence on the island, who always make Tejidos Cardona their first stop as soon as they arrive in Ibiza.

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